Sister Testimonials

“The rarest thing about RARE is the fact it opposes the “holier than thou” online Christian woman stereotype. That’s what is so special about RARE- that it’s a global sisterhood of support. The transparency between us is a beautiful thing. RARE has supported me with sprinkles of encouragement and stirred the desire to help other young women.” _ United Kingdom

“I’ve become so proud of being RARE. My worth with the Lord has become and always will be golden… My heart is too precious! <3″ _ Australia

“Staying sexually pure has been a struggle for me. When I began attending RARE events, I didn’t feel so alone but encouraged to fight to stay pure.” _ New Jersey

“RARE has taught me that issues with sex is never a sex issue, it’s deeper. I yearned for true love and affection I never got and I was never taught the right way to look for it. I don’t regret my past. Iv’e learned the best through my pain…how ironic!” _ New York

“I’m loving RARE! It has allowed me to open up in ways I don’t with those even closest to me. I want to heal from within and RARE has been helping me along. Even had great prayer this morning about learning to love me and being my own greatest company. We shall all blossom together!” _ South Carolina

“RARE means a lot to me. Ever since I joined the sisterhood, “rare” has been ringing in my ear and I’ve been telling God, in my own way, that I want to be RARE. I am a 20 year old virgin and I am proud because it’s very RARE.”_ Trinidad

“RARE is a community where I can be comfortable, free and know that I won’t be condemned about my past. RARE is a support system because even though at times it feels like there isn’t anyone in my corner, I know that I have sister’s in Christ.” _ South Africa

“I give glory to God for this ministry. RARE came to my life to confirm what’s God will for my life was. It’s hard for a young women fight with the flesh but this sisterhood gives encouragement to my life. God bless this ministry!” _ California

 “A place to share and to be free, that’s what RARE is to me. To be encouraged by the stories shared by other women has been a blessing. Thank you for creating a safe haven.” _ New Jersey

 “RARE has helped me understand the process of becoming a woman in today’s world.The GOODNESS of godly woman being lead by the Holy Spirit, keeps my thoughts on what is pure! RARE has helped me to understand how FEARFULLY AND WONDERFULLY MADE WE ALL ARE!” _ Virgina

 “RARE has helped me come to know my worth and lean on God when it comes to finding the right one. It reminds me that I am not alone on my journey. Though we still have temptations, we will fight to stay rare.” _ Texas

“RARE has impacted me by showing me that no matter what I’ve done and no matter how dirty and messed up and unlovable I believed that I was, I am reminded that the Lord sees me as beautifully, fearfully and wonderfully made. I know that I AM RARE!” _ New York