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It is not so much WHAT you do that concerns us, it is WHY you do it?

I AM RARE workshops tackle the deeper issues, while cultivating a safe place for healing.

We use a focused-curriculum, technology and collaborative activities to engage, educate, edify and empower our participants.

To see a RARE workshop at your church, school, youth group and/or local community center, email today!


 Available workshops, but are not limited to:


The Self Workshop – Self Esteem, Self Worth, Self Awareness

My Body, His Temple – Abstinence, Knowing My Triggers, Boundaries, Root Issues (faith-based)

 Music and Media Influences – How music and media plays a huge role in beauty and sexual integrity.

Why Abstinence? – Statistics support why abstinence is a healthy way to increase self-worth.

 H.E.R. Story – Abortion, Depression, Self-Esteem, Pre-marital Sex, Pregnancy (female only)

 Stronger Bonds – Building and Maintaining Healthy Relationships